Our Mission

Fiesta Publications

Our Magazines are the Gateway to Spanish-Speaking Families

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Our Goal

Fiesta Publications are national publishers of lifestyle magazines for the Hispanic culture in the continental United States. With major reach in the Hispanic communities, Fiesta Publications is an alternative turn key revenue stream for advertising trying to reach the 50 million plus Hispanics whom lives are amongst us and are the nation’s biggest consumers. While providing advertisers full media buying revenue capabilities to reach the robust Hispanic market landscape in multimedia platforms – from print, web, to digital.

Publishers Mission

We partner with our advertisers and clients by developing and selling unique marketplace sections. These sections along with our ability to fill last minute remnant space with national direct response advertisers provide additional revenue to their in-house staff. We pride ourselves as being an extension of the publications own in-house sales team with a staff of eight professionals who have the experience in both the consumer and business-to-business field. Custom Solutions: Fiesta Publications offers advertisers a gateway in to the Hispanic marketplace, showcase and custom editorialsections that are designed, sold, produced and invoiced by us..

Advertiser Mission

We are committed to provide our advertisers with the most efficient buy providing the most impact in our magazines, digital, data base and texting. This includes our targeted marketplace sections to our portfolio of publications, digital properties and social media research.

Fiesta Publications also serves as an advertising agency for established Direct Marketing companies. With our breadth of contacts and relationships in the industry, Fiesta Publication’s strategic accounts division acts as an agency of record for small, medium and large national advertising/brand companies, providing them with a low cost solution in reaching their targetedaudience.