My Quince

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A new market and a fresh new look, My Quince celebrates the traditions and culture of the growing Latino population in the U.S. by providing an indispensable quinceanera guide to young birthday girls and their families everywhere!

Through trendsetting features and insider tips, My Quince fills its pages with exclusive interviews and reports on the best local boutiques and latest trends by uncovering world-renowned fashion designers, their couture creations, and their resort ensembles. It highlights exciting features on consumer favorites such as how to decorate your quince, cutting-edge tuxedos and accessories for the family, adding Latin flavor in all your choices, going green, how to choose the right reception site, caterer, theme, and news of the latest Latino celebrity birthdays and looks. It explores fashion, beauty, and everything a young girl would desire to know from every-day to quince.

“We know how important turning 15 is in our culture and we want to provide a guide for our young readers on everything they need to know for their special moment,” expresses editor-in-chief Veronica Guevara, after the success of launching the magazine in April 09’ to millions of eager guests at the Fiesta Broadway and Anaheim Convention Center.

Guevera, the founder of the publication, knows a thing or two about delivering elegant and classy publications. She’s been in the fashion business for over ten years. With a bachelors degree in fashion she’s designed clothes for the tween market for companies like; Limited Too, Bloomingdales, and JC Penny’s, just to name a few. She was also working for Conde Nast as their photo editor when she moved on to her first publication Latino Bride and Groom, another successful magazine catered to the growing Latina market.

“We are very excited to have My Quince, we have a great time working on it,” she asserts with enthusiasm. “The magazine has a fun, fresh, and unique energy to it, just like our young Latina readers.” It seems there’s no stopping this new market, and with such a huge response from the community, who would want to!