Latino Enterprise

Pint and Online, at the newsstand, on TV, or at one of our events— The bible for Hispanic Business owners and Entrepreneurs’ our reader are looking for business and financial solutions for the businesses so LE is a bilingual resource for this audience. They find them in the stories of real people like them who are working to overcome the same challenges they face. LE’s mission is to help small business succeed in the Business world. Its primary focus is to help Latino with entrepreneurship, as it pertains to Career Growth, Personal Finance, and Real Life articles of Latino entrepreneurs success stories and support our mantra of helping Latino Business owners get the advantage, and edge to attain wealth.

That mission drives our industry experts to develop pertinent and original content that can be seen across all of our multimedia platforms. We ensure that our audience is fully immersed and has access to current and relevant information to enhance their lives. In addition, we offer our partners opportunities to leverage our expertise to develop custom program content, messaging, and deepen their level of engagement with our target audience. LE will to find the real experts, explore the issues completely and from the black perspective and present the best solutions.